Our Missions Department

Message of Peace Currently Supports Dozens of Ministries all over the world. Every month we will feature one of our missionaries or missions project.

Your support and help has made a huge difference in the adventure of seeking God and building relationships.


List of Missionary Support – Annual Budget $60,000

Shane Crouch – Miissionary to missionaries- USA

Daniel Matsunaga – Japan

Dwight McConnel – Africa

Kimblery Martin – Turkey

Melvin Johnson – Miissionary to missionaries – Asia

Scott Hanson – Tanzania

Holly Simms – Comores Islands

Tanya Aderman – Cambodia

Todd Churchil – Congo

Lance Alves – Gabon

Jose Talaveras -Spain

Francisco Ribeiro – Madeira, Portugal

Joaquim Castilho – Mozambique

Raul e Tereza Rodrigues – El Salvador

Annual Short Mission Trips