Day 3: 50 Days of Transformation
January 11, 2017
Dia 4: 50 Dias de Transformação
January 12, 2017

Day 4: 50 Days of Transformation

Transformed in My Spiritual Health

Anyone who belongs to Christ has become a new person. The old life is gone; a new life has began!                                                                                               2 Corinthians 5:17 (NLT)

When you come to Jesus Christ, it’s like he writes everything you’ve ever done wrong on a big blackboard and then says, “We’re just going to erase all that. We’re going to start over. You are going to get a fresh start.” It’s not just turning over a new leaf, but getting a totally new life. You become a new person. Jesus gives you a new spiritual identity.

Here’s the blunt truth of why this is so important. Every time you sin, it damages your dignity. When you break God’s principles, you don’t just hurt other people and God, you hurt yourself. Sin splits your soul. Every time you sin, it replaces a little bit of self-respect with a little bit of shame. This shame begins to pile up in your life and you begin to try to push it out of the way by staying busy or playing sports or getting drunk or having parties or whatever.

Jesus Christ is in the dignity restoring business. He doesn’t just ignore your sin, he wipes it out and makes you a new person in his sight.

Hear this carefully. Because you are in Christ, it doesn’t matter what you’ve done. It doesn’t matter who you’ve done it with. It doesn’t matter how long you’ve done it. It doesn’t matter where you’ve been. What matters is what direction your feet are headed today. God says your past is history, your life has sanctity, and your identity has dignity because Jesus died for you. When you trust Christ, he gives you a brand new identity and makes all things new!

(Transformed: How God Changes Us by Rick Warren)